Venture Ballistic Composites Inc.

Aerospace ... saving lives at street level.

Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

The Traffic Stop NIJ Level IIIA ballistic shield is extremely light weight and manuverable.  The shield incorporates a 150 LUM Led tactical light sytem for night time traffic stops.  This tough little shield provides one handed ballistic protection for the face, neck, and head.


At only $ 375.00, it is one of the most affordable ballistic shields on the market today.  The custom design and production process makes this tough little shield rock solid, and water proof.

Weight:  5 Lbs

Dimensions:  9" x 14"

150 LUM Led Tactical Light System

5 Point adjustable handle

Fully encapsulated Compressed Foam Impact Pad


This tough shield also provides protection for SWAT and ERT teams when conducting searches into small entry points, crawl spaces, and other confined areas where head protection, and illumination are required. 


The shield has also been deployed by security in Hotels and Casinos to defend against knifes, fists, and kicks.  The "Traffic Stop" will defend against multiple hits from all Level IIIA threats.

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Deminsions:  9" x 14"

Weight:  5 Lbs

150 LUM Led Tactical Light System

Five Point adjustable handle

Fully Encapsulated Compressed Foam Impact Pad

Broward County Florida SWAT Team

15 Hits ... 9mm

ZERO Penetrations