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Aerospace ... saving lives at street level.

Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.


Wheeled Ballistic Shield NIJ 3 , 3+ , 3++ , 4 

This wheeled fortification bridges the gap between vehicle and threat. Move fast and deliberate behind an affordable wheeled special threat strike face of your choosing

Wheeled Ballistic Shield

Detachable 51"x24.5" 110Lbs. Level 4 Shield is a composite Alumina Ceramic /Aramid construction
8"x3" Level 3 view port, large Aluminum handle with comfort grip, rubber at base with load bearing harness.

Wheeled Ballistic Shield with Removable View Port

Large Level 4 Carrier 76"x40"x29" with 20"x13" detachable Level 4 view port  ( visible view 16.5"x10.5") Heavy Duty 10"  run flat Wheels, ball bearing swivel casters with directional lock for ease of movement and range of motion side to side. Three part break down construction.

Removable Level 4 view port (60 lbs.) visible view 16.5"x10.5"