Venture Ballistic Composites Inc.

Aerospace ... saving lives at street level.

Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

The Original "ROBO" SWAT Entry Ballistic Shield        (NIJ Level III - $ 3500.00)       (NIJ Level IIIA - $ 1700.00 )

The need for Level III ballistic shield 

protection is real.  Universities, High Schools,Trade shows, Malls,  

and Major Sporting Events, remain high profile targets for terror groups and Active shooters.

The level III ballistic violence on our southern boarder is now a daily occurrence.  Today, our nations front line law enforcement officers find themselves increasingly out-gunned by

criminals, maniacs , and organized gangs armed with sophisticated level III weapons.  

The AK-47 and the AR assault rifles has now moved from the battlefield, into U.S. cities and rural areas as never before.

Non-Ballistic Blue Training Shield 

Level 3 Weight $850

Level 3a Weight $650  Same Weight and Dimensions as the real shields.

ROBO SWAT Entry Ballistic Shield

NIJ Level III Protection

NIJ Level 3  Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops
.308 cal. (Ball)
5.56 NATO (Ball) - .223 cal. (Ball)
7.62 x 39 cal. (Ball)
NIJ Level 3+  Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops
7.62 x 39 ( Steel Core )
NIJ Level 3++ Standard ( 0108.01 )
5.56 NATO ( M-855 Steel Core ) Green Tip`s
3a Ballistic Composites "Will Not Stop" rifle rounds. In fact they may increase the size of the wound channel by "Key Holing" the incoming round. A center fired rifle round will penetrate a 3a shield and 3a vest  combined. Once a rifle threat has been identified leave your 3a shields in the car , you will benefit more from hands free mobility than using this gear. That`s why   your team needs a Level 3 shield. Check your Departmental Protocol`s and know your Ballistic Value`s. Your Life may depend on it.

ROBO SWAT Entry Ballistic Shield 

NIJ Level IIIA Protection.

NIJ Level 3a Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops

.44 Mag. at 1450 fps. 

.9 mm at 1450 fps. and below ( .45,40,357,380, and most shotgun projectiles .