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Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

                                                    SWAT Bunker NIJ Level IIIA or Level III                      

R2 Ballistic Shield N.I.J Level 3a
R2 Ballistic Shield Responce
Swat Training With R2 Ballistic Shield

As with all VBC view port shields, this extreme SWAT BUNKER N.I.J Level  3 and 3a ballistic shield has been designed to supply Maximum Protection for team members on the move. With upper shield relief for long gun access and "bunker man" handgun arm relief. This is one of the most effective team shields available to date.

The ballistic ring view port system allows for quick and easy access to replace 

the view port if damaged.  

N.I.J Level 3a   $1500.00

N.I.J Level   $3500.00

Dimensions: 22x36

View Port: 4" x10 " N.I.J Level 3A 

Weight: 16 Lbs. N.I,J Level 3a

35 Lbs .N.I.J Level 3

The ambidextrous handle system has been

ergonomically designed to give the shield maximum balance.

The shield has a built in center 8" x 20" 

compressed foam impact pad.

R2 Ballistic Shield training
R2 Ballistic Shield (back view)
R2 Ballistic Shield N.I.J Level 3

SWAT R2  N.I.J Level 3 and 3a Ballistic Shield


R2 Ballistic Shield dimentions
SWAT Responce R2 Ballistic Shield