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Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

The VBC Team Mission Statement ... "A shield in every car".

The First Responder ( Ballistic Patrol Shield )

 The first ballistic shield designed specifically for patrol officers.The First Responder shield is compact, light weight, and maneuverable , allowing deployment in seconds when needed. This shield offers 3a ballistic protection beyond the typical ballistic vest , covering the officers head, neck , and other vital areas exposed to handgun and shot gun rounds . Our proprietary construction allows for a rugged , water proof , long lasting duty life of 7 years with stopping power unsurpassed in the industry. With over 2000 shields on active duty and officer safety never more in question  , this is a concept who`s time has come. Contact us today to find out how your Department can benefit from this essential piece of safety gear.

Size : 17 x 29

Weight :14 lbs.

View Port 4" x 10" (Replaceable)

Colors : Black or OD Green

Cost : $750.00

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Venture Ballistics Logo

"A Shield in every car."

The VBC mission is simple ... design and produce affordable, and extreme ballistic shields for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line everyday.  Working with law enforcement agencies across the nation,  we have established "a shield in every car" program.  The high cost of ballistic shield protection has kept many law enforcement agencies from purchasing this essential piece of tactical equipment.  Now agencies can purchase shields on an annual or bi-annual basis at a pre-arranged price.

"Affordability is the result of innovative new technologies that simplify production without sacrificing performance." In fact the VBC process reduces shield weight, and adds rugged rigidity allowing the composite to withstand the elements, and the everyday riggers that are required of a patrol level piece of tactical equipment.   VBC custom ballistic shields have been designed using input from many different law enforcement agencies.  

VBC has produced a wide range of custom ballistic shields for "mission specific" tactical requirements.   VBC clients include the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Marshal Service, Spec Ops, SWAT, TRT, and numerous Sheriff, and Police Departments across the U.S.  Our unique "Value Engineered" custom production process, has made it affordable for law enforcement agencies to purchase multiple shields for the price of a single shield on today's market, making "a shield in every vehicle",  a reachable goal.  

From the "Active Shooter" Series, to our "First Responder" Series of Patrol Shields, VBC has created protection for every ballistic, or blunt force threat.  VBC Shields are perfect for VIP security.    Explore the VBC web site, and view the many live fire demonstrations showcasing the extreme stopping power of our custom designed ballistic shields.  The most  affordable and rugged ballistic shields on the market today.

"We'll take the hit for you."

Everrett "Todd" Garrett

President / VBC   941-809-8159

Contact VBC to discuss your specific needs.

Finally ... affordable and extreme custom ballistic shield protection. 

Both N.I.J Level 3 and 3a Age Tested to 10 years with  "Zero Penetrations".    ( Seven Year Warranty ) on all ballistic shields.

VBC Ballistic Test Report
VBC Special Ballistic Test Report

V-50 Quality Control - V-50 speed 1545 fps. 240 LSWC 44. Magnum

Affordable and extreme custom produced ballistic shields.

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NIJ Ballistic Test Results