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Rifle Grade Ballistic Shields to Texas Boarder.

Posted on April 23, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Venture Ballistic Composites :

Announces the sale and delivery of (5) R2 Rifle Grade Ballistic Shields to the Texas Boarder . We are withholding the department I.D to be released at a later date. The shields are believed to be used to aid in the protection of U.S side officers from Rifle threat`s faced in the every day operations in the area. These shields are water proof , weigh 35 lbs. , have replaceable view ports , a 10 year warranty , and stop .308 rounds at point blank range.




Clermont Police Department deploys AS3a Ballistic Shields for Patrol.

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Venture Ballistic Composites :Clermont Police Department is the latest Fl. police department to join in the deployment of (20) small personal ballistic shields designed specifically for patrol officers.These 3a shields will offer additional protection beyond the typical ballistic vest and at a weight of 9 lbs. offer a light weight , maneuverable, and mobile platform officers can use for defending handgun and shot gun rounds. Now that technology has allowed the cost of these shields to come down to $475.00 per officer and the addition of a 10 year warranty , this is an option being explored by Police and Sheriff`s Departments around the country.

Pinellas Park Police Deploy Ballistic Shields at the Patrol Level.

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Venture Ballistic Composites Announces the sale of (15) First Responder 2 Ballistic 3a Patrol Shields and (1) Rifle Grade Level 3 Shield to the Pinellas Park Police Department , Fl. for additional ballistic protection for the Patrol Div.   

Haines City , Fl . (30) Ballistic Patrol Shields

Posted on April 21, 2015 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Venture Ballistic Composites announces the sale and delivery of (30) First Responder #1 Ballistic Shields to the Haines City Police for the Department`s Patrol Div.

These 3a shields are specifically designed for Patrol Officers, and with this sale brings the number of VBC First Responder Shields in Polk County Fl. to 760 shields.   


Staff is recommending the City Commission approve the purchase of thirty (30) ballistic shields for use by patrol officers. The cost associated with this request is $22,500.00 and shall be purchased through available funds in the Police Department forfeiture account.


Staff recently reviewed protective equipment that the agency is currently issuing to each patrol officer. This review identified the need for ballistic shields, as our standard issue at this time is only a bullet proof vest, which are sometimes not enough protection for the task at hand. Therefore, in an effort to provide additional protection for all patrol officers, in an active shooter situation or in searches for violent criminals, Staff is recommending the purchase and use of ballistic shields with the capabilities of providing improved protection for the individual officer in all situations.

2015 SHOT SHOW US Tactical Supply To Show Case VBC Custom Ballistic Shields

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U.S. Tactical supply will be show casing Venture Ballistic Composites Incs. new "Active Shooter" and "ROBO" SWAT shields at the 2015 SHOT Show Jan 20-23, 2015.  Visit BOOTH #20605 and put your hands on the most affordable, rugged, lightweight, and extreme shields on the market today.  Venture Ballistic clients now include the U.S. secret Service, U.S. Marshal Service and many Law Enforcement agencies across North America.  U.S. Tactical Supply has been providing cutting edge battle field products since 1999.  

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