Venture Ballistic Composites Inc.

Aerospace ... saving lives at street level.

Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

The Most Affordable, Rugged, and Extreme Ballistic Shields on the Market Today.

Largo Florida SWAT Team Training with VBC Ballistic Shields

French SWAT Team Training with 

VBC "First Responder" Ballistic Shield.

COMING this Spring

 only $ 95.00

Active Shooter 

Kit Bag Level III plate insert pouch gives rifle protection for vital organs.

Increases shield life dramatically.

Protects from scratches, dirt, dust, and abuse.

Mollie Attachments can include:

First Aid Kit, Radio,

Magazines, Taser,

Knife, Cuffs, Light, camera,and more.

All Venture Ballistic 

View Port Systems are Inter-changeable 

Seven (7) Year Warranty on all Ballistic Shields

"ROBO" SWAT Entry Shield

With Tactical 1400 LUM led on-off light system  NIJ Level IIIA 

Dimensions:  20" x 36"

Weight: 17 Lbs 

4" x 10"  interchangeable View Port System

NIJ Level IIIA 1995.00

NIJ Level III     3700.00 

TRT Maritime Assault shield 

NIJ Level IIIA Protection

12" x 22" (5 lbs) Price:  395.00

19" x 29"  (9 lbs)  Price : 495.00

NIJ Level III Protection

12" x 22" (5 lbs) Price:  750.00

19" x 29"  (9 lbs)  Price : 2400.00

This unique NIJ level III shield


with positive buoyancy.

The "BUNT" 

Urban Combat Shield 

Provides NIJ level III+ protection for the chest, neck, face, and head from angle shots from blind corners.

Shield will FLOAT.

Weight:  Only 5 Lbs

Length:  17"

Width:  9"


PRICE:  350.00

"Active Shooter" BLUE Training Shields


Looks, feels, and weights just like the real shield.

Rugged and built to last for years.

AS-3 Short - $ 195.00

AS-3 Long - $ 295.00

Discounts for multiple purchases.

Mobile Assault Bunker

Is an affordable and extreme 

4-Wheel Ballistic Shield carrier 

designed for SWAT/ERT teams when confronting level III, and level IV ballistic threats in or out of buildings.  

The four wheeled "feather touch" guidance system allows for easy 360 degree maneuvering.

The Mobile Assault Bunker has a 20" x 40"

level III-IV ballistic shield with a 

 10" x 20" interchangeable view port.

The carrier platform can accommodate first aid supplies, 

ammo, and additional weapon systems.

Prices start at 11,500.00

AS-3 Long "Active Shooter" 

NIJ Level III (Rifle)

Dimensions:  16" x 28"

Weight: Only 15 Lbs

For a limited tine only $ 1500.00


AS-3A Long "Active Shooter" 

NIJ Level IIIA (Pistol)

Dimensions:  16" x  28"  

Weight:  Only 9 Lbs   

For a limited time only 495.00

The "First Responder" 

ballistic shield series

"First Responder-1   NIJ IIIA

Dimensions:  17" x 29"- Weight:  14 Lbs 

4" x 8" IIIA View Port  (Interchangeable)

$ 750.00

"First Responder-2   NIJ IIIA

Dimensions:  17" x 32" - Weight:  16 Lbs

4" x 8" IIIA View Port (Interchangeable)

$ 999.00  

The most affordable, rugged 

and extreme Patrol shields 

on the market today.

AS-3 Short "Active Shooter"

NIJ Level III (Rifle)

Dimensions: 16" x 20" 

Weight:  Only 9 Lbs   

For a limited time only 

$ 995.00

AS-3A Short "Active Shooter"

NIJ Level IIIA (Pistol)

Dimension:  16" X 20"

Weight: Only 5 Lbs

For a limited time only 

$ 395.00

"First Responder" 

BLUE Training Shields


Looks, feels, and weighs 

just like the real Shield.  

Rugged and built to last for years.

Prices Start at 


Discounts for multiple purchases.

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